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Building strong and intelligent electricity and adhering to the road of scientific development

electricity is an important infrastructure for national economic and social development. With the rapid development of economy and society and the progress and wide application of communication, information and other technologies, intelligence has become a new trend in the development of electricity in the world

the development of smart electricity plays an important role in ensuring energy security, improving energy efficiency, improving energy structure, coping with climate change and improving service levels. Some countries have incorporated it into their national energy strategies, and some have taken it as an important measure to deal with the current international financial crisis. US President Barack Obama announced his energy plan in 2008 and proposed to invest in smart electricity. North America, Europe and other countries have actively carried out research and Practice on smart electricity in combination with the characteristics of economic and social development of various countries

the reason why China has developed strong intelligent electricity is mainly based on four aspects

first, China's basic national conditions as a developing country. Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China's national economy has developed at a high speed. Despite the impact of the international financial crisis, the fundamentals of China's economic and social development have not changed, and the economy and society will be in a historical stage of rapid development for a long time. Electric power industry is the basic industry of the national economy, which provides power support for economic and social development. According to the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, it is estimated that by 2020, the oil return buffer valve will be completed by one unloading switch and one oil return throttle valve group. China's power demand will reach 7.7 trillion kwh, and the installed power generation capacity will reach 1.6 billion kw. It is expected that by optimizing the reaction conditions, it will double the current level, and there will be a huge space for power development in the future. However, China's power development lags behind for a long time, and the ability to optimize the allocation of resources is not strong. Therefore, China's intelligent power should first be the power with a strong frame structure, which can realize the large-scale optimal allocation of energy resources. The construction of strong intelligent electricity must be based on strong frame

second, domestic energy resources must be optimally allocated on a large scale. China is poor in energy resources, and the distribution of energy resources and productivity is very unbalanced. Long distance and large-scale transmission of energy is an inevitable trend. By building a strong intelligent power, it can promote the application of new technologies, new materials and new processes in the power sector, effectively improve the line transmission capacity and the flexibility of operation control, maximize the energy transmission efficiency, and improve the power's ability to optimize the allocation of resources on a large scale; Promote the application of advanced and efficient power generation technology at the power generation side, improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of power generation equipment, so as to reduce primary energy consumption and promote the sustainable development of energy

third, domestic renewable energy such as solar energy and wind power must follow the path of large-scale centralized development. Most of China's solar energy, wind energy and other resources are far away from the energy consumption center, so we must follow the development mode of large-scale centralized development and consume them nationwide through large-scale electricity. Through the construction of strong intelligent power, renewable energy can be realized and connected to standardization and intelligent operation control, and flexible access and large-scale and long-distance transmission of renewable energy can be realized

fourth, customers' demand for Victrex AE 250 composite material is a good example of the diversification of demand and the continuous improvement of power supply reliability. Strong smart electricity can effectively resist the impact of various emergencies such as natural disasters, external forces and computer attacks on the power system, and timely and accurately predict and handle various faults; It can realize two-way interaction between electricity and power users, provide users with real-time electricity price and power consumption information through advanced metering systems such as smart meters, and realize value-added services such as power consumption management optimization and energy efficiency diagnosis. At the same time, smart electricity will reduce the electricity expenditure of power users by guiding users to transfer the power load in peak hours to low hours, which has significant social and economic benefits

strong smart electricity must be based on strong electric frame structure. According to the national power planning, in the future, relying on large energy bases, we will accelerate the construction of UHV power consisting of 1000 kV AC, 800 kV and 1000 kV DC, so as to form a relatively strong frame structure

at present, China's large power safety operation control capability and dispatching technology and equipment level are in the leading position in the world; The UHV experimental research system with the strongest experimental ability and the highest technical level in the world has been formed; The construction of national electric information system represented by SG186 project has achieved phased results. These have laid a technical foundation for the development of intelligent electricity

strong smart power is a strong, reliable, cost-effective, clean, environmental friendly, transparent, open, friendly and interactive modern power. It not only has a frame structure for the coordinated development of power at all levels, but also is an organic whole from the perspective of power generation, transmission, transformation and distribution. It must be planned and constructed in a unified manner

the State Grid Corporation of China has made every effort to promote the construction of intelligent power and actively carried out intelligent power planning. The development of strong intelligent power will become a scientific development road to implement the scientific development concept, change the development mode and improve the development quality, and make positive contributions to the sustainable development of China's energy and power industry

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