Building China's glass mold industry base in Shaji

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Shajiabang has built China's glass mold industry base. Shajiabang town is a veritable hometown of China's glass mold. There are more than 100 glass mold enterprises, accounting for two meritorious enterprises in the national daily glass industry and four of the five golden flowers of China's glass mold. The annual output is 1million sets, accounting for about 70% of the domestic glass mold market share. The products have also entered Japan, the United States, Germany, France, Belgium Italy and other high-end markets in more than 20 countries

in recent years, Changshu City and town have provided 80million yuan of reward and support funds for scientific and technological progress to glass mold enterprises. The mould enterprises in the whole town have reached a strategic alliance of technological innovation to achieve group oriented development. The enterprise has established cooperative relations with Huazhong University of science and technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other universities, participated in the formulation of national standards for mold industry such as raw materials and product testing, and applied for more than 300 patents in total, including 28 invention patents. Seiko mold has established a public service platform for testing. Jianhua mold has taken the lead in setting up a provincial enterprise graduate workstation relying on the mechanical design and theory discipline of the school of mechanical engineering of Nantong University, and independently developed more than 20 kinds of glass mold materials

the glass mold industry in Shajiabang town started in the 1970s, rose rapidly in the 1980s, and achieved an increase in volume in the 1990s. Especially in the past three years, the investment in technological transformation of glass mold enterprises has been continuously increased, and advanced equipment at home and abroad has been continuously introduced. According to the experts, Jianhua mold company and Seiko mold company invested human and material resources to independently develop copper alloy glass mold, and realized independent creation in the whole process from casting to processing. This new product fills the gap in the domestic glass mold industry. Jianhua mould Co., Ltd. also took the lead in adopting overhead casting process in domestic glass mould enterprises, changing the traditional buried casting process, so as to improve the quality of moulds and the stability of materials. Seiko mould Co., Ltd. is one of the first batch of enterprises in China to produce glass moulds in an industrialized way. Its excellent quality and the spirit of pursuing quality excellence have made the reputation of a mould expert widely known in the industry. Its two products were recognized as high-tech products of Jiangsu Province in 2008, and it has established close cooperative relations with world-class glass products enterprises such as the United States Australia Federation, Saint Gobain of France, bow and arrow, etc. The glass mold manufacturing enterprises in the town have won 4 famous brand products and high-tech products in Jiangsu Province and Suzhou, and 7 high-tech enterprises and private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province and Suzhou. In 2007, it became the largest glass mold processing base in China. In 2008, China Light Industry Federation and China Daily Glass Association awarded Shajiabang town the title of "hometown of China's glass molds". Recently, the glass mold working group of the national mold Standardization Technical Committee, mainly established by Shajiabang Glass Mold Association, has been officially put into operation

it is understood that the history of glass mold production in Shajiabang town can be traced back to the early 1930s. A group of young farmers in Shajiabang town went to Shanghai to learn from foreign coppersmiths and became the first batch of mold workers in China. Many people have become first-class mold makers in the glass mold industry in Shanghai and even the whole country. In the 1970s, these old workers retired to their hometown and set up more than ten glass mold enterprises in the villages and towns. After more than 20 years of development, the glass mold group in Shajiabang has become larger and larger. At present, each enterprise has formed its own fist products on the basis of naturally formed product characteristics, and has formed a distinct specialized production pattern. Each enterprise has its own technical advantages and characteristic products, making Shajiabang mold enterprise a bright industrial matrix. In the early 1990s, due to the lack of unified industry organization and coordination, malicious price reduction and vicious competition occurred from time to time, affecting the development of this industry. Coupled with the limited domestic market space, if we all do domestic sales, there will be a phenomenon of too many monks and too few animals. Zhaoyiyuan, President of Shajiabang glass mould association and chairman of Seiko mould, believes that this problem is difficult to solve by a single enterprise and must be solved by the industry association. On the basis of analyzing the changes of market supply and demand, the association coordinated several key enterprises to develop outward and obtained independent import and export rights

at present, the products of more than 10 enterprises have entered the high-end markets of Germany, France, the United States, Belgium, the Czech Republic and other countries, and have established close cooperative relations with the world's top and domestic famous daily glass enterprises. Due to the strong experimental power of enterprises with strong technical force and the whole process of deformation measurement, they gradually focus on foreign trade, freeing up the domestic market for other small and medium-sized enterprises, and initially formed a pattern of orderly division of labor and dislocation development in the domestic and foreign markets. According to zhaoyiyuan's analysis, as foreign trade often deals with the world's high-end glass product manufacturing enterprises, the technical requirements and process level are measured by international standards, which in turn drives the improvement of the technical level of domestic sales enterprises, forming a good effect of both internal and external development, division of labor and cooperation, each doing its best, taking the outside with the inside, and overall improvement, forming a win-win situation for large, medium and small enterprises

it is understood that the measures of both internal and external development have enabled the glass mold industry in the whole town to develop healthily. At present, the glass mold production in Shajiabang is similar to that of Swiss watches, which can be assembled by every household. However, the glass mold 1 and event overview tool production in Shajiabang are supported by hundreds of mold processors, including small and medium-sized mold enterprises mainly engaged in domestic trade, and backbone enterprises engaged in foreign trade at the upper level. Only six kinds of glass molds are listed as cutting-edge new materials, which are worthy of the name. For a long time, Shajiabang glass mould enterprises were basically belt machine tools, which were operated manually, with backward technology, low technical content and many medium and low-grade products. Luobaihui, an expert in the mold industry, believes that the mold accuracy determines the competitiveness of enterprises. The same advanced mold equipment can guarantee the mold accuracy. The biggest gap between domestic and foreign counterparts lies in the equipment. Mold is a high-precision product. Without good equipment, it is difficult to reach the international level

at present, enterprises in Shajiabang town have more than 300 sets of CNC machine tools, 150 sets of 3D vertical milling machines, more than 100 computer engraving machines and more than 500 computers for CAD drawing design and 3D programming design. In particular, Seiko mould Co., Ltd. also introduced the world's most advanced gun drill lathe produced in the UK at a cost of 2.5 million yuan, and the furnace front analysis spectrometer produced in Switzerland at a cost of 890000 yuan, as well as CNC three-dimensional imitation milling, compound milling, digital simulation technology, computer melting material metallographic analysis system, etc., realizing a historic leap forward in fully automatic CNC

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