Building a new Chinese plastic city in the hottest

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A new "China plastic city" will be built in Xindu.

"the settlement of the international trade center of China Plastic City (Chengdu) in Xindu is inspired by the planning of the northern mall and the important logistics port in the western region." The daily construction cycle of 231 flat opening, push-pull color coated steel plate doors and windows of China Plastics City (Chengdu) International Trade Center invested by the China Plastics City Management Committee is 18 months ago in Mulan Town, Xindu District. The project, which is praised as "a typical project of industrial transfer in the East and industrial cooperation between the East and the West under the new economic conditions", will be built into a project based in Chengdu Relying on the international plastic procurement center in Sichuan, radiating Southwest China and facing the whole country, China's plastic industry incubation base, China's brand growth special zone and the largest modern plastic industry comprehensive trade logistics and industrial production service base in the western region

it is reported that this is the largest project started on the international logistics and modern manufacturing demonstration line after Chengdu plans to determine the world modern garden city demonstration line

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