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Dalian Huagong produces a high stability spoiler sealing automobile spoiler rubber strip applicator, which is an automatic sealing strip forming machine. It can mix and pour the raw materials of two (three) components to the set position or groove cavity, in the mold or directly on the plane of the workpiece, and make it change from liquid to elastic sealing gasket through chemical reaction foaming. Because it has no joint or cut-off end, its sealing performance is better than other kinds of sealing strips

spoiler sealing automobile spoiler adhesive tape applicator adhesive tape characteristics

1. Prevent the invasion of rain (water), dust and polluting gas

2. Prevent vibration, noise and heat from invading the room

3. Prevent corrosive media from eroding product parts

introduction to the equipment of the automobile spoiler adhesive tape applicator for spoiler sealing

the main control system of the glue applicator of the full Beckhoff system adopts the German Beckhoff system. Due to the introduction of digital control, the system has more sensitive response, more stable operation, more accurate control, stronger anti-interference and more convenient operation

unique remote service function, which can realize network synchronous dialogue and camera diagnosis function, and zero distance and zero time difference after-sales service

the operating system of quanbeifu equipped with gluing equipment has a full keyboard, which can operate function keys, and has a movable console

the gelatinization equipment of quanbeifu system realizes the entercat communication control of the whole system from computer to servo. XY  The three-axis motor is Beckhoff servo, and the motor with large torque and inertia runs more smoothly, and the effect is better in high-speed interpolation. Beckhoff motor encoder has high accuracy, so the operation control accuracy is higher

the gluing equipment of quanbeifu system adopts THK high-precision guide rail and nidec-shimpo precision reducer

the high-performance mixer independently developed by our company has more than 30 patented technologies. We will choose the most suitable rubber head according to customers' product needs

spoiler sealing automobile spoiler rubber strip applicator the rubber liquid measurement is the use of the world's advanced metering pump manufacturer - Germany bamag, and all metering pumps are imported from Germany with original packaging; The metering pump is driven by servo motor and precision reducer to ensure the metering accuracy in all directions

the barrel is equipped with a continuous liquid level gauge with intelligent output function, which displays material information in real time on the computer

the electric control cabinet is made of German Vito brand, equipped with German Siemens electrical parts

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