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Dry and hot summer is boring, but the pursuit of beauty and the desire for life cannot stop there. Wallpaper is the new favorite of fashion home decoration and the favorite of white-collar workers. When using wallpaper for decoration in summer, special attention should be paid to the pasting of wallpaper. For owners who currently have local wall reconstruction needs, here are special tips for pasting wallpaper in summer

the base treatment of the wall must be in place and must be flat and clean. The uneven or cracked base course must be removed and troweled with putty. After it is air dried, polish it with sandpaper. For large-area wall treatment, it is best to use qualified water-resistant putty, which can make the wall more firm. If it is a small area of joint repair, it can be filled with gypsum powder and white emulsion. If the wall is close to the bathroom, it is recommended that the bathroom interior wall be specially treated with waterproof paint, so as to prevent the wall from falling off after the wallpaper glue fails due to long-term dampness

secondly, in the process of pasting wallpaper, indoor air humidity should be increased; Keep the room clean, free of dust and sundries; Doors and windows shall be closed during construction to prevent moisture from entering. Finally, do not open windows for ventilation within 48 hours from the end of wallpaper pasting. Otherwise, the wallpaper will shrink and deform due to rapid water loss, which is easy to cause uneven surface, bulging, joint cracking, joint pulling, edge warping and other phenomena on the uniform dry surface




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