Skillfully use bamboo charcoal to damp proof woode

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Although the decorative effect and performance of wood flooring are very good, the requirements for the environment in the process of use are very high, because wood flooring is relatively susceptible to moisture, and moisture-proof treatment during use is a very troublesome thing, and once damp, mildew will occur, which will completely damage the wood flooring, but the use of bamboo charcoal can have a good moisture-proof effect

1. Bamboo charcoal moisture-proof can keep the wooden floor in a good humidity environment. Due to the dual functions of moisture absorption and moisture retention (two-way humidity regulation), the floor will not dry and crack in winter during long-term use, and the floor will not be too wet and moldy when there is moisture; This effect is more remarkable in plum rain season

2. Bamboo charcoal can be used to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms, molds, mites, cockroaches and termites. The floor after laying bamboo charcoal can be protected from termites and other moths for a long time

3. It can improve the overall indoor environment, adjust indoor humidity, and release negative oxygen ions

4. It can directly absorb the toxic residual gas after floor decoration




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