How to choose and maintain cork flooring

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How to choose and maintain cork flooring

>& gt;& gt; Differentiate and analyze the three main categories of cork flooring

cork flooring mostly uses the bark of oak. Compared with solid wood flooring, it has better sound insulation and moisture-proof effect, and has a soft foot feel and is not easy to deform. It can provide a great buffer for the accidental fall of the elderly and children, and its unique sound-absorbing effect and thermal insulation performance are also very suitable for bedrooms, study rooms, children's rooms, etc. So how to choose and maintain cork flooring

look at the appearance

the cork bark is divided into three grades (a, B, c) according to the thickness and color purity of the bark after stripping, and the raw material price of each grade differs by 50%. Cork is a pure natural product from nature. There are naturally some potholes on the surface after making the floor, which does not affect normal use, and Westerners prefer nature. However, if the potholes of some products are too serious due to poor raw materials, the potholes can be filled by manually adding putty. The density of the putty material is completely different from that of cork. After using it for a period of time, the putty will burst out and completely destroy the floor

the identification of cork substrate of cork floor only depends on the particle size and black spots of the material on the back of the floor. Those with small particles and more black spots are all mixed gravel waste on the surface of the bark. The substrate of this waste has a great impact on softness and silence

after making the floor, consumers can judge the level of raw materials according to the color of the floor surface. Those with white surface and a little natural color are basically grade a boards, and those with black surface are generally grade B or C boards

look at the density board and lock

the density board in the lock cork floor is the most important. The density board of a good floor is made of poplar and cypress, and the branches and dead trees are not selected as the base material. It also needs to go through the bark stripping process and scouring process, and the density is high. We use good environmental friendly melamine glue, but as consumers, we can't distinguish. We can see the quality of density from the section. In addition, you can also smell the flavor of the section, good wood flavor, bad pungent smell

another standard of density board quality inspection is the density. Good density boards are 900kg/cubic meter, belonging to high density boards. Now many floors in the market are basically medium density boards, which are quite different from high-density boards in terms of expansion rate and waterproof performance. Consumers can judge whether it is good or bad by weight. By comparing the weight, they can determine whether it is high-density board. There are two other key inspection indicators for density board: formaldehyde emission and water absorption thickness expansion rate

break the floor, paying attention not to cut but to break it (so that the section is not neat, which is conducive to observation), to see whether the section is white, whether the substrate is uniform, and whether there are impurities. If it is black and has impurities, it means that it has not been stripped and washed, and it depends on the growth of wood fibers. On the contrary, there are miscellaneous trees


generally good cork gives people a warm and thick feeling, and the brightness is also high. This is due to the presence of cork air bags. If it feels cold, the quality is poor

smell cork

when buying cork flooring, consumers can get close to the board to smell the taste. If it is the fragrance of wood, it means that it is of good quality. If it is the smell of rubber or formaldehyde, the environmental protection performance does not meet the standard

try your feet

cork contains 42million very smiling cork cells per square meter, making it very resilient. The feet feel very comfortable and slip resistant

listen to sound

cork naturally has a bubble like cellular structure, which can absorb the sound of walking and objects hitting the ground

the maintenance of cork floor is mainly prevented through the following five points:

1. Furniture can be placed on the floor 24 hours after the floor is installed, and personnel walking on it should be minimized within 24 hours. When you leave home, please close the windows and doors, especially the faucet, to avoid rain and dripping water soaking the floor

2. The maintenance of cork floor is simpler than other wood floors. In the process of use, it is best to avoid bringing sand into the room. Some sand particles will not wear the floor. Because the sand particles are pressed into the elastic layer at the foot after being brought in, and will be ejected when the feet leave. Of course, it should be reminded here that it is not suitable to bring too dirty and too many sand particles, which will still produce flowing wear. Therefore, the sand particles brought into the room should be removed in time. Generally, there is no need to be equipped with a vacuum cleaner, and there is no need to worry about warping, mildew and other phenomena caused by dampness

3. After three or five years of use, if there is wear elsewhere, it can be partially repaired, that is, re coating the local part. The method is very simple. Gently polish the worn part with sandpaper to remove the dirt on the surface, and then gently wipe it with a dry soft cloth to re coat it, or coat the local part with polyester film

4. The maintenance of cork floor with painted surface is the same as that of solid wood floor. Generally, it is OK to apply floor wax once every six months. The care of cork floor with resin wear-resistant layer on its surface is as simple as that of composite floor

5. Prevent heat injury. Never put hot water cups and other objects with high temperature directly on the floor to avoid scalding the surface paint film. At the same time, try to avoid direct sunlight on the floor for a long time, so as to avoid premature drying and aging of the paint film after long-term strong ultraviolet radiation




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