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Simple European style is a kind of European decoration style, which is mostly ivory, light and dark. Compared with the European decoration style with strong European flavor, Jane Europe is more fresh and more in line with the aesthetic concept of the Chinese people. Simple European style decoration has great advantages for people. Everyone hopes that their home decoration can be distinctive and allow people to get more leisure space. Therefore, many people will see the advantages of this style and feel the satisfaction brought by this decoration method. Through the simple European style decoration effect map, we can get more help

analysis of key points of simple European style decoration

lamps and lanterns: shiny steel lamps and lanterns are a big failure, which is difficult to tolerate with European style. It is best not to have gorgeous and delicate crystal lamps. It can be some lamps with softer lines or softer light. Iron branch lamps are a good choice, with a little modeling and a little simplicity

floor: if it is a duplex house, the floor of the hall on the first floor can be paved with stone, which will appear atmospheric. If it is an ordinary room, it is better to lay wooden floors in the living room and dining room. If some use floors and some use floor tiles, the room will appear narrow instead

carpet: carpet should play the main role of the ground in European style decoration. The comfortable foot feel and elegant unique texture of the carpet complement the collocation of western furniture. The best choice is to have relatively light patterns and colors

furniture: it should be commensurate with the European details on hard decoration. Dark colored furniture with Western retro patterns and very westernized modeling should be selected to be harmonious with the big atmosphere and basic tone

Wallpaper: in the simple European decoration style of the living room, you can choose some distinctive wallpapers to decorate the room. For example, wallpapers painted with Bible stories and characters are very typical European style. Stripes and broken flowers are also common in North American styles

decorative painting: rooms decorated in European style should choose picture frames with cumbersome lines and heavy appearance to match it. And it doesn't exclude gold painting, carving, or even looking more grand. On the contrary, this is exactly where the style is

color matching: most European style ground colors are white and light, while furniture can be white or dark, but it should be a series, and the style should be unified. At the same time, the fabric and texture of some fabrics are very important. The fabric of linen and canvas is not suitable, and the silk fabric will appear more noble

what should be paid attention to in the process of decoration

in the process of decoration, it needs to be consistent with the overall style of the interior. Different rooms will have different style requirements. If the area is relatively small and the decoration is complex, you will feel very messy. You should highlight the simple European style decoration, and you can find your own style characteristics of the room. You can see a lot of decoration styles through the simple European style decoration pictures, You can choose the most suitable decoration style, as long as it is the best for yourself. In the process of choosing decoration materials, you also need to pay attention to the collocation of colors and other aspects, and integrate with the overall style

pay attention to details in color matching and bathroom and other places.

Simple European style decoration is very popular for people. Through the simple European style decoration effect drawing, we can get more information and understand different decoration methods. Pay attention to details in color matching and bathroom and other places. The decoration should be based on our own living habits, We will also see that different decoration will also reflect a person's collocation and aesthetic ability. The collocation of color needs to consider the collocation with the overall space. Only in this way can we get a better decoration method and produce a good decoration effect

decoration should highlight the theme style

many people always have a misunderstanding when decorating, that is, they do not highlight the theme of decoration. If you want to decorate in a simple European style, you need to find out a lot of information. You will need to go online to learn more simple European style decoration pictures, and you can see a lot of decoration methods

editor's summary: the above is the tips of the decorator: the analysis of the key points of the simple European style decoration, and the relevant introduction of the perfect interpretation of freshness and introversion. Decoration experts still suggest that the simple European decoration style is generally not recommended for small houses, because some people think that as long as the European furniture is well matched, it is European style. In fact, this is wrong. The European style lies in the design of each line, and the design of each decoration should show that kind of aesthetic feeling, Luxurious temperament. The space of the small house type itself and the volume of European furniture itself are large, which not only does not show an elegant feeling, but also appears very crowded





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