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Nowadays, many young people like western romantic lifestyles. For example, eating western food is becoming more and more popular in China, so many people will decorate Western tables in their homes. Western tables are more beautiful and fashionable than Chinese tables. What are the standard sizes of Western tables and how to arrange them? Interested friends might as well come and have a look

introduction to the standard size of western dining table

1. Square western dining table: the common sizes of western dining table are 760mmx760mm square table and 1070mmx760mm rectangular dining table. Its chair can reach into the bottom of the table, so it is very convenient to use. Even in a small corner, a six seat dining table can be placed

2. Open and close western dining table: the open and close table, also known as the extended dining table, can be changed from a 900mm square table or a 1050mm diameter round table to a 1350-1700mm long table or oval table (with various sizes). This kind of dining table began to be popular long ago and is still very popular today

how to arrange the western dining table

there are few styles of western dining tables, mainly square tables. After Western food enters China, some restaurants will choose round tables as western dining tables

1. Big meal plate: the big meal plate is located in the center of the table

2. Butter bread plate: this small bread plate is placed on the right side of the big plate, above the fork, and at the same time, a butter knife is placed inside

3. Cup: place the goblet above the guest's dinner knife, and place the slender Champagne Cup between the water cup and other cups. The arc of the red wine cup is large. When holding the red wine cup, you can hold its bottom with your palm; The white wine glass has a longer foot, and the cup belly is like a cylinder. When holding the white wine glass, you can only hold its foot

4. Fork: place the salad fork one inch on the left side of the dinner plate, place the dinner fork on the left side of the salad fork, and place the fish fork on the left side of the dinner fork

5. Knife: place the dinner knife (if there are meat dishes, you can also put the meat knife) one inch on the right side of the dinner plate, and place the fish knife on the right side of the dinner knife. The butter knife is placed on the butter bread dish, and its handle is tilted towards the guest

6. Oyster fork: if there is an oyster fork, place it on the right side of the spoon. The oyster fork is also called a seafood fork, which is the only fork placed on the right side of the plate. The fork head can be placed in a bowl with a spoon, and the handle is at a 45 degree angle with the desktop

7. Spoon: place the soup spoon or fruit spoon on the right side of the plate and the right side of the knife

8. Dessert fork: the dessert fork (or spoon) can be placed horizontally on the big plate, or it can be brought to the guest when dessert is served

the above is what Xiaobian introduced to you about the standard size of the western dining table and how to arrange it. I wonder if you understand it! Eating western food is a very romantic and elegant thing. If there are guests at home, you can arrange a romantic western food. I believe your friends will be very satisfied




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