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From November 21 to 23, dealers from all over the country gathered in Hefei, Anhui Province and were invited to participate in the Lanjue rich business plan ・ marketing skills training camp

this activity not only improves the sales skills of dealers, but also greatly improves the cohesion within the brand and helps everyone better adapt to Lanjue's dealer system

(some dealers sign in)

on the evening of the 21st, in order to make dealers' families from all over the world familiar with each other, Lanjue specially organized a simple preheating session, and the atmosphere at the scene was soon mobilized

the lively and interesting Tiktok shooting session made all the dealers on site laugh, breaking the original estrangement and further improving everyone's team awareness

after the simple atmosphere was warmed up, general manager Ni of Lanjue wallcovering took the lead to deliver a speech. He said that he was very grateful to the distributors of Lanjue for their arrival. The success of the brand cannot be separated from the efforts of the team. Only when everyone works together, gropes through learning, and makes progress in practice, can Lanjue wallcovering be better and better

(general manager Ni delivered a speech)

then, Mr. Du took the stage to share and communicate with you in a question and answer manner, and deeply analyzed the problems encountered in the daily marketing of terminal stores. The dealers present listened attentively and applauded on the spot

after getting familiar with each other the day before, the dealers who came to participate gradually became familiar with each other. On the morning of the 22nd, Lanjue prepared another round of wonderful marketing courses for everyone, and the thanking kick-off meeting of Lanjue wallcovering officially began. Dealers' friends came to the stage to share their mental journey with Lanjue, breaking the estrangement and distance. At this moment, everyone on the scene is an indispensable part of the Lanjue family

in the team presentation session, every Lanjue family showed their style with the fullest spirit. We firmly believe that with such an excellent team, Lanjue will be able to cut waves and take the lead in the future market development

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before the official start of the micro rush buying activity of Lanjue wall fabric factory, Ms. Zhao Liya explained in detail the content and process of this activity. Through the way of building a large group on site and pulling owners into the group, the online rush buying was carried out, and the activity atmosphere was instantly pushed to a high tide

happy times are always short in the hot group building on site. This Lanjue rich business plan ・ marketing skills training camp soon ushered in the last day of the activity

on the morning of the 23rd, the whole training activity was summarized, and the dealer's family members with excellent performance were commended and rewarded, and President Ni was invited to the stage in person to give awards

as an excellent dealer representative, President Liu of Shucheng, Lu'an, Anhui Province, came to the stage to share his sales experience with you, bringing you full dry goods

finally, President Ni came to the stage to make a summary of this training, and the activity also ended in his sincere speech. All LAN Jue's family present took a group photo together, looking forward to the next gathering

we believe that after this training, Lanjue brand cohesion has also reached a new level. In the future market development, Lanjue will be able to ride the wind and waves and take the lead

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