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On the afternoon of August 24, Yu'an special invited a team of well-known lecturers with high reputation from the neighborhood committee to carry out a thematic health knowledge lecture to improve and enhance the health concept and disease prevention awareness of Yu'an staff

as one of the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows, Yu'an doors and windows has always been closely concerned by the local government. In the afternoon of August 24, the local government department cared for Yu'an employees. In order to further improve the health awareness of Yu'an employees and care for their physical and mental health, a team of well-known lecturers with high reputation in the neighborhood committee was specially invited to carry out a thematic health knowledge lecture, Improve and enhance the health concept and disease prevention awareness of the majority of Yu'an employees

the participating employees listened attentively to the

lecture, and the team of doctors and experts gave lectures on health knowledge, which improved the employees' awareness of disease prevention and their own health. The expert team first introduced the common sense of self-care and health concept, and then gave detailed answers to the representative questions of everyone

the lecturer explained the knowledge of health first aid to the staff participating in the meeting

the experts explained the knowledge of on-site emergency rescue, emergency treatment of accidents, healthy lifestyle in the workplace, health preservation of meridians and acupoints, prevention of occupational diseases, harm and protection of environmental pollution, high temperature heatstroke prevention and other aspects to the staff participating in the meeting, with emphasis on extrathoracic decompression, artificial respiration, acupuncture and other rescue measures

the lecturer and the participating staff conducted an interactive demonstration

the lecture was rich and practical, close to the actual work, and the on-site interaction effect was good, which achieved the expected purpose, and also realized the long-term support and care of the local government departments for Yu'an doors and windows. Yu'an employees who attended the lecture said that they learned the knowledge of first aid and deeply felt the concept of first aid. In the future, they will apply the knowledge of first aid to real life and operation to help more people in need

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Yu'an doors and windows was born in 2006 and is a door and window brand of Foshan Xiangyu household products Co., Ltd. The company is mainly engaged in high-end aluminum alloy doors, windows, sunshine rooms, etc. it is a modern enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. The company has a garden type production base of 60000 m2, with more than 500 employees, and has introduced advanced production technology and equipment from Germany and Italy. The production scale and technology research and development have reached the industry-leading level

as a well-known brand in the domestic door and window industry, Yu'an doors and windows has been exploring the market with the enterprise development vision of "being a good person with integrity and making doors and windows professionally". It has built more than 600 sales outlets at home and abroad, and has a comprehensive three-dimensional marketing network of tooling, home decoration, online shopping malls, etc. its products are exported to Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other countries and regions, and its product quality, style and after-sales service are highly praised by dealers and consumers at home and abroad





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