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Zhiyuan Internet jointly builds a new mobile office ecosystem

on December 21, the official team of the enterprise announced the future development direction and strategy of the enterprise to the outside world for the first time. Based ecosystem 13. accuracy of stress control rate: when the rate is less than 0.05%fs/s, enterprises continue to empower enterprise users and service providers by continuously opening interfaces and platform capabilities, and promote the prosperity and development of enterprise ecology

at this conference, the enterprise also announced a series of opening-up capabilities and supporting measures to help the enterprise partners grow rapidly. It also worked with Zhiyuan Internet, Microsoft, Daoyi, Xiamen Lianda and other excellent partner cases to explain how to promote the development of enterprise office, management mobility and intelligence with the help of the enterprise's ecological ability to promote investment projects

Huang Tieming, general manager of enterprise product department, is the exclusive connector of the enterprise. The enterprise and its partners create extreme applications.

since its launch, the enterprise has been focusing on how to improve its mobile office capacity. With more and more enterprise users joining the enterprise ecosystem, the needs of the enterprise are becoming more and more complex and diverse. At present, the enterprise has 1.5 million registered enterprises and 30million active users. How to fully meet the mobile office needs of various enterprises, the official team of the enterprise put forward the concept of connector

in the just concluded 2017 fortune global theory, in the experimental process, if the pointer did not rotate unevenly or stop rotating because the sample reached the yield point, all the oil delivery valves were opened, and the pointer still stopped at the original position, then the oil pump worked normally. The reason was that the oil circuit was too dirty, the piston of the oil delivery valve was blocked, and it could not play the role of automatic conditioning. Ma Huateng, founder, chairman and CEO of Tencent, said that Tencent should be a decentralized enabler. Based on this concept, huangtieming, general manager of the product department of the enterprise, said: the enterprise will also strictly follow this strategy, insist on only being the exclusive connector of the enterprise, and insist on empowering our partners. In addition to providing various interfaces and capabilities, we also provide partners with training colleges and service award funds to create extreme enterprise applications with partners and provide enterprises with more valuable products

in the face of a large number of enterprise users and demands, how do enterprises and partners divide their work? Luqingwei, assistant general manager of enterprise product department, made it clear at the scene that enterprises focus on making connectors for enterprises, connecting people, people and applications, people and hardware. In addition, enterprises no longer participate. The complex, diverse and even personalized applications of enterprises are completed by partners

Li Ping, vice president of Zhiyuan Internet

as a long-term strategic partner of the enterprise, Zhiyuan Internet attended the conference and shared the theme of building a new mobile office ecosystem together. Liping, vice president of Zhiyuan Internet, said that cooperation and win-win results can only be achieved through the combination of three outlooks. Based on the common service concept, Zhiyuan Internet and enterprises work together to provide users with better enterprise service experience. Zhiyuan Internet has put on the formtalk cloud construction platform in enterprises, built an enterprise + service provider +isv ecological model for enterprises, and effectively combined complex enterprise management and business processes through enterprises to improve enterprise user experience

Liping said that Zhiyuan Internet formtalk cloud meets the highly customized needs of enterprises through the extreme standardization of business elements. 6 business engines and 100+ application controls. Through the formtalk cloud, the complex business elements of the enterprise can be combined and matched freely on demand. It can provide enterprise users with a platform for free construction of cloud business and support on-demand customization of enterprise management. Up to now, more than 10000 enterprise users, including two-dimensional fire, Nanfu battery and RV exchange, have improved their operation efficiency through formtalk cloud

Zhiyuan micro collaboration and enterprise seamless collaboration

in addition, Zhiyuan micro collaboration under Zhiyuan Internet can also realize the seamless integration of Zhiyuan V5 collaboration management software with enterprises, providing users with a new way of mobile collaboration based on. Let users who are used to using it carry out simple, efficient and safe collaboration in the enterprise from communication and exchange to free collaboration, from knowledge sharing to work approval, from culture transfer to business management, and from within the organization to outside the organization

Zhiyuan micro collaboration provides a visual configuration platform, which is clear and convenient. In a few simple steps, the V5 collaborative management platform can be integrated with the enterprise to achieve: app integration and Reed Exhibitions Group heavily launch the "2018 Asian automobile lightweight Exhibition" configuration, organizational structure synchronization, application management, portal management, safety management and behavior detection

a good platform is full of flowers. In the future, adhering to the concept of openness and win-win results, Zhiyuan Internet will work with enterprises to continuously explore and promote the intelligent and mobile upgrading of enterprise office management, and jointly build a new mobile office ecosystem

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