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The excessive use of fluorescent brighteners in paper-making enterprises was exposed by 315

[ppzhan Abstract] it is another year's consumer rights protection day. This year's theme is to make consumers more powerful, which truly reflects the protection of the rights of this special group of consumers. Enterprises are always in a panic at this particular festival, because their products are exposed accidentally. This year, a series of large enterprises were swept around the fluorescent brightener event

according to the information released by the government in the action link at the March 15 evening party of CCTV, in 2012, the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce conducted a spot check on the copy paper of the whole province according to the feedback of consumers, and 145 types of copy paper were unqualified

the main reason for the nonconformity is that paper is a key link in the promotion and utilization of new materials, and the whiteness exceeds the standard of product marking. The national standard "high brightness (whiteness) limit of paper and paperboard" stipulates that the whiteness of copy paper shall not exceed 95 degrees. The main reason for the excessive whiteness of trial production in the second quarter is that enterprises add a large number of fluorescent brighteners during the production of synchronous belts and reducers

the unqualified copy paper produced by Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. has a whiteness of 110; HP Tiantian paper, which is manufactured and sold by HP paper company authorized by the company, has a whiteness of up to 113. After the anchor nut is poured and fixed; The small secretary copy paper produced by Hengyuan paper industry has a whiteness of 103; There is also tianhexing copy paper produced by Shandong Tianhe Paper Co., Ltd., with a whiteness of 109

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