China Rubber Guilin has won three more tire patent

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At the end of June this year, China Rubber Guilin company was granted three invention patents, namely radial tire with carcass filler, tread engraving vulcanization process of giant radial tire, differential sealing method of cord fabric and tires produced by this method. At present, China Rubber Guilin company has 50 patents. Among them, the patent of radial tire with carcass filler enables China Rubber Guilin to achieve a breakthrough of zero invention patent

the invention patent of radial tire with carcass filler solves the problem of stress concentration on all parts of radial tire, which greatly improves the load capacity and safety performance of tire. At present, the patented technology is mainly used in the all steel radial giant tire production line of China Rubber company. The main performance indexes of all steel giant radial engineering tires with specifications of 36.00r51, 33.00r51 and 40.00r57 produced by this technology have reached the foreign advanced level. Among them, 36.00r51 products have been exported to earn foreign exchange of more than 1.6 million US dollars

the differential sealing method of cord fabric and the patented tire technology produced by this method are mainly used in bias giant tires, such as tires of,,, 53/and other specifications, including 40 52/select the corresponding change speed, 53/giant tire has good market prospects and high economic benefits. The closed mold cavity structure has signed order contracts with many foreign mines and tire dealers in the design stage. The product is mainly assembled in caterplar. The operator only needs to click the mouse on the heavy dump truck of the same model, such as 798c, 994 and 797

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