Advantages of 300A diesel electric welding machine

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Advantages of 300A diesel electric welding machine

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advantages of 300A diesel electric welding machine (danizawa power toyoti) product number to300a format open rack drive style directly connected with additional input power kw 28 insulation grade F Electric welding machine landing characteristics single current scheduling range a no-load voltage V welding voltage V rectifier style DC input shared electrode φ Mm 2.0 ~ 7.0 generator power additional input kW 10 maximum input kW 11 generator (three-phase four wire) additional voltage V 220|380 power factor% 100 task condition continuous engine name to870 (yototi) Engine situation V-type double cylinder four stroke air-cooled diesel engine cylinder number 2 exhaust volume 875cc additional speed rpm 3000 starter Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. 4-ball friction and wear tester is mainly based on the situation of sliding friction. Electric fuel Model No. 0 diesel (summer) - No. 10 diesel (winter) task ambient temperature ℃ - 20 ~ 40 fuel tank capacity l 28 maximum size mm 860 * 620 * 780 gross weight kg 190/230 noise DB 70 (7m) Oil volume 2L continuous task 12/15h

danianze to300a power generation electric welding machine uses gasoline engine or diesel engine as power to twist power generation, and supplies DC power for welding through rectifier module. Also known as power generation and welding machine, it can be used as a generator and an electric welding machine at the same time. Advantages: integrated power generation and welding, light weight and convenient movement. Daniazawa power generation electric welding machine adopts asynchronous brushless generator, which is free from protection and maintenance. It adopts famous brand engine from Japan. The electric welding operation is stable and reliable, with the function of power discharge protection. It uses Enron and adopts closed-loop control. The line layout is huge, the use of protection is convenient, and the failure rate is low. The welding deposit rate is high, the welding deformation is small, and the weld formation is beautiful

advantages of danize power generation electric welding machine! It adopts nine phase full wave rectification. The welding current is stable, the splash is small, and the welding joint is smooth. It can supply 5kW exchange power generation. It is suitable for the task site and other electric things. The machine has light weight and small volume. It is equipped with mobile wheel, which is convenient, safe and reliable. It is especially suitable for municipal emergency repair or special field environment. Weak power, great convenience for on-site use, advanced AVR module, unique power generation system, light weight, small volume, easy to move, suitable for municipal engineering emergency repair, and field task emergency, both electric welding and power generation, one machine with multiple functions and service life of decades

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Product Material: pure copper wire motor, hard and straight hand iron frame, pure hardware, portable

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